NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi

Whether you are considering revising your Hindi syllabus or facing challenges with this subject, NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi is a great study aid for you. They are written by professional teachers and you can rely on the accuracy of these solutions. We have also shared Chapter wise PDF Solutions for free of cost.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi is a must have study material for students in class 8th. These solutions are prepared by subject experts and cover the whole syllabus of your Hindi textbook. Moreover, they are made following the recent curriculum of CBSE and the needs of students. If you are looking for an easy way to learn Hindi, NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi will be a great help. Students can use these solutions to understand what they are reading, what they are trying to say, and how to phrase their answers. These study materials are a great way to improve your scores in class 8 Hindi examinations.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi can also be a great resource for preparing for exams. Unlike traditional textbooks, NCERT solutions help you understand concepts and write answers during exams. The solutions are created by subject teachers and are aligned to the latest syllabus. We have also provided you with the pdf solutions of class eight Hindi textbook. Whether your exams are getting close or looking for a quick revision, these solutions are the best study aid for you.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi- Vasant

Chapter-wise Solutions
Chapters Solutions
Dhvani Solution
Laakh kee choodiyaan Solution
Bas kee yaatra Solution
Deevaanon kee hastee Solution
Chiththiyon kee anoothee duniya Solution
Bhagavaan ke daakie Solution
Kya niraash hua jae Solution
Yah sabase kathin samay nahin Solution
Kabeer kee saakhiyon Solution
Kaamachor Solution
Jab sinema ne bolana seekha Solution
Sooradaas charit Solution
Jahaan pahiya hai Solution
Akabaree lota Solution
Soor ke pad Solution
Paanee kee kahaanee Solution
Baaj aur saanp Solution
Topee Solution

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi- Doorva

Chapter-wise Solutions
Chapters Solutions
Gudiya Solution
Do gauraiya Solution
Chiththiyon mein yoorop Solution
Os Solution
Naatak mein naatak Solution
Saagar yaatra Solution
Uth kisaan o Solution
Saste ka chakkar Solution
Ek khilaadee kee kuchh yaaden Solution
Bas kee sair Solution
Hindi ne jinakee jindagee badal dee Solution
Aashaadh ka pahala din Solution
Anyaay ke khilaaph Solution
Bachchon ke priy shree keshav shankar pillai Solution
Farsh par Solution
Boodhee amma kee baat Solution
Vah subah kabhee to aaegee Solution

Class 8 Hindi NCERT Solution – PDF Download

While NCERT textbooks are a great resource for learning, NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Hindi can also provide the necessary help that you need for exam preparation. Since these solutions are written by expert teachers and faculties, students can rely on the accuracy of this study material. These solutions are available chapter-wise, and will make it easier for you to learn. In addition to guiding you through the topics, the NCERT solutions will also provide you with practice questions that you can use to test your understanding. By following the correct solution for a question, you will know the exact answer and be able to get a better grade.

In order to help you more with your studies, we are also providing you the Class 8 Hindi PDF Solutions for free. Students can easily download the chapter wise solutions of class 8 hindi so that they can study as per their convenience. If you practice well with Class 8 Hindi NCERT Solutions then you will not just learn answers of every question, but also the conceptual understanding of every topic. They are error-free and are highly valued by teachers and students alike. If you have ever struggled with a question in class, you can rest assured that the answers you have in NCERT Solutions are written by the best experts in the field.

Class 8 Hindi Chapters

The Hindi Textbook of Class 8 consists of 2 parts: Vasant and Doorva. The total number of chapters these two books combinedly form is 35. Here are those chapters:

Class 8 Hindi Vasant Chapters:

Chapter 1: Dhvani

Chapter 2: Laakh kee choodiyaan

Chapter 3: Bas kee yaatra

Chapter 4: Deevaanon kee hastee

Chapter 5: Chiththiyon kee anoothee duniya

Chapter 6: Bhagavaan ke daakie

Chapter 7: Kya niraash hua jae

Chapter 8: Yah sabase kathin samay nahin

Chapter 9: Kabeer kee saakhiyon

Chapter 10: Kaamachor

Chapter 11: Jab sinema ne bolana seekha

Chapter 12: Sooradaas charit

Chapter 13: Jahaan pahiya hai

Chapter 14: Akabaree lota

Chapter 15: Soor ke pad

Chapter 16: Paanee kee kahaanee

Chapter 17: Baaj aur saanp

Chapter 17: Topee

Class 8 Hindi Doorva Chapters:

Chapter 1: Gudiya

Chapter 2: Do gauraiya

Chapter 3: Chiththiyon mein yoorop

Chapter 4: Os

Chapter 5: Naatak mein naatak

Chapter 6: Saagar yaatra

Chapter 7: Uth kisaan o

Chapter 8: Saste ka chakkar

Chapter 9: Ek khilaadee kee kuchh yaaden

Chapter 10: Bas kee sair

Chapter 11: Hindi ne jinakee jindagee badal dee

Chapter 12: Aashaadh ka pahala din

Chapter 13: Anyaay ke khilaaph

Chapter 14: Bachchon ke priy shree keshav shankar pillai

Chapter 15: Farsh par

Chapter 16: Boodhee amma kee baat

Chapter 17: Vah subah kabhee to aaegee

Class 8 Hindi Syllabus: 2022-23 Session