NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi is a very helpful study material for the students of class seventh. These solutions are written by expert teachers and help you to tackle the challenges of Hindi. This study material covers the whole syllabus and they also follow the latest curriculum of CBSE. Chapter wise PDF Solutions are also shared on our website for free.

Whether you are facing challenges with Hindi textbooks or considering revising your syllabus, having NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi can be very impactful for you. They are written by subject experts and have questions and answers of both parts of hindi textbook- Vasant and Doorva. These solutions are available for all chapters of the NCERT Hindi Class 7 Textbook, making them a valuable aid for students. They are a quick way to check your answers and identify key areas of improvement. NCERT solutions strengthen students’ foundation in Hindi by addressing the types of questions they will encounter in the future. They can use NCERT solutions not only to answer questions on exams but to complete everyday homework, too.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi are a great study tool that have answers to all of the questions from the book, including those relating to Vasant and Doorva. These are written by subject matter experts to ensure that they are relevant to the CBSE exam. Students need to know how to use good vocabulary and provide accurate answers through captions. The NCERT solutions are also a great way to practice good grammar and creative writing. And, as NCERT Hindi solutions are completely free, they’re a great resource for students who are preparing for the Class 7 exam.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi- Vasant

Chapter-wise Solutions
Chapters Solutions
Ham Panchhee Unmukt Gagan ke Solution
Daadee Maan Solution
Himaalay kee Betiyaan Solution
Kathaputalee Solution
Mithaeevaala Solution
Rakt aur Hamaara Shareer Solution
Paapa kho gae Solution
Shaam-ek Kisaan Solution
Chidiya kee Bachchee Solution
Apoorv Anubhav Solution
Raheem ke Dohe Solution
Kancha Solution
Ek Tinaka Solution
Khaanapaan kee Badalatee Tasaveer Solution
Neelakanth Solution
Bhor aur Barakha Solution
Veer Kunvar Sinh Solution
Sangharsh ke kaaran main Tunukamizaaj ho gaya Solution
Aashram ka Anumaanit Vyay Solution
Viplav Gaayan Solution

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi- Doorva

Chapter-wise Solutions
Chapters Solutions
Chidiya aur Churungun Solution
Sabase sundar ladakee Solution
Main hoon robot Solution
Gubbaare par cheeta Solution
Thodee dharatee paoon Solution
Gaaro Solution
Pustaken jo amar hain Solution
Kaabuleevaala Solution
Vishveshvaraiya Solution
Ham dharatee ke laal Solution
Pongal Solution
Shaheed Jhalakaareebaee Solution
Nrtyaangana Sudha Chandran Solution
Paanee aur dhoop Solution
Geet Solution

Class 7 Hindi NCERT Solution – PDF Download

The NCERT solutions for class 7 Hindi are also great for strengthening a student’s basic skills. The textbook teaches students how to write best answers in Hindi and improves their creativity. These solutions are one of the most effective resources for learning letter writing and other essential concepts. Besides being a great source of information for students studying for exams, practicing regularly with these solutions is also a great way to improve linguistic skills.

The NCERT solutions for Class 7 Hindi by NCERTian are very helpful in understanding the deeper implications of any given chapter. In order to make studies more effective for students, we have also provided the Class 7 Hindi PDF Solutions for free. Students can easily download these chapter wise solutions from our website so that they can start studying as per their convenience. They give students a definite advantage when it comes to practical questions. And best of all, they’re easy to understand and use, making them an excellent resource for Hindi study.

Class 7 Hindi Chapters

The Hindi Textbook of Class 7 consists of 2 parts: Vasant and Doorva. The total number of chapters these two books combinedly form is 35. Here are those chapters:

Class 7 Hindi Vasant Chapters:

Chapter 1: Ham Panchhee Unmukt Gagan ke

Chapter 2: Daadee Maan

Chapter 3: Himaalay kee Betiyaan

Chapter 4: Kathaputalee

Chapter 5: Mithaeevaala

Chapter 6: Rakt aur Hamaara Shareer

Chapter 7: Paapa kho gae

Chapter 8: Shaam-ek Kisaan

Chapter 9: Chidiya kee Bachchee

Chapter 10: Apoorv Anubhav

Chapter 11: Raheem ke Dohe

Chapter 12: Kancha

Chapter 13: Ek Tinaka

Chapter 14: Khaanapaan kee Badalatee Tasaveer

Chapter 15: Neelakanth

Chapter 16: Bhor aur Barakha

Chapter 17: Veer Kunvar Sinh

Chapter 18: Sangharsh ke kaaran main Tunukamizaaj ho gaya: Dhanaraaj

Chapter 19: Aashram ka Anumaanit Vyay

Chapter 20: Viplav Gaayan

Class 7 Hindi Doorva Chapters:

Chapter 1: Chidiya aur Churungun

Chapter 2: Sabase sundar ladakee

Chapter 3: Main hoon robot

Chapter 4: Gubbaare par cheeta

Chapter 5: Thodee dharatee paoon

Chapter 6: Gaaro

Chapter 7: Pustaken jo amar hain

Chapter 8: Kaabuleevaala

Chapter 9: Vishveshvaraiya

Chapter 10: Ham dharatee ke laal

Chapter 11: Pongal

Chapter 12: Shaheed Jhalakaareebaee

Chapter 13: Nrtyaangana Sudha Chandran

Chapter 14: Paanee aur dhoop

Chapter 15: Geet

Class 7 Hindi Syllabus: 2022-23 Session