NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Poem Chapter 4: Chivvy

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Poem4. Chivvy
AuthorMichael Wayne Rosen
TextbookHoneycomb – Poem
CategoryNCERT Solutions for Class 7

This poem presents the contradictory behavior of parents and other elders, who reprimand for wrongdoings. They often talk about ‘no’ and expect children to be positive and optimistic.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Poem Chapter 4

Chivvy Solutions


Q1) Discuss these questions in small groups before you answer them.

  1. (i) When is a grown-up likely to say this ? Don’t talk with your mouth full.
  2. (ii) When are you likely to be told this ? Say thank you.
  3. (iii) When do you think an adult would say this ? No one thinks you are funny.


  1. A grown-up is likely to say this when the child speaks loudly.
  2. When the child is given something, he is likely to be told “Say thank you”.
  3. An adult would say these words when the child is trying to catch attention.
Q2) The last two lines of the poem are not prohibitions or instructions. What is the adult now asking the child to do? Do you think the poet is suggesting that this is unreasonable? Why?

In the last two lines of the poem, the adult is asking the child if he cannot make up his own mind about anything. The poet is suggesting that this is unreasonable because on the one hand the adult gives the child all sorts of instructions through constant nagging and on the other hand, the adult asks him to make up his own mind. The two actions are contradictory. All the child’s actions on which he gets instructions from the adult to not to do it that way are actually from his own mind. That is what he thinks and therefore, does. However, the adults do not find those actions appropriate and hence, instruct him to do certain things in a certain way. The poet is suggesting that if the adults find the child’s actions, which are a result of his thinking in his mind, incorrect, then they should not ask him if he cannot make up his own mind about anything. Or if this is what they want, then they should stop instructing and correcting him.

Q3) Why do you think grown-ups say the kind of things mentioned in the poem? Is it important that they teach children good manners, and how to behave in public?

The grown-ups say such things with different intentions. Many a time, they are trying to teach children good manners. They tell him how to behave in public. They consider it their duty to do so. It is very important for them.

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