NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 1: Three Questions

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Chapter1. Three Questions
WriterLeo Tolstoy
TextbookEnglish Honeycomb
CategoryNCERT Solutions for Class 7

Three questions are originally a story written by Leo Tolstoy. It has been retold for school lesson purposes. Leo Tolstoy is a famous Russian writer who lived till 1828–1910. He is considered one of the greatest writers ever. He received several nominations for the Nobel Prize in literature but unfortunately never won once. Among his hundreds of novels, plays and stories, “war and peace” is an all -time favorite book of millions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 1

Q1). Why did the king want to know answers to three questions?

The king wanted to know the answers to three questions because he wanted to become a great ruler.

Q2). Messengers were sent throughout the kingdom

to find answers to the questions.


Solutions for fill in the blanks-

Q1) Many wise men answered the king’s questions, ……….

but their answers were so varied that the king was not satisfied.

Q2) Someone suggested that there should be a council of wise men……….

to help the king act at the right time.

Q3) Someone else suggested that the king should have a time table……….

and follow it strictly.

Q4) The king requested the hermit……….

to answer three questions.

Q5) The king washed and dressed the bearded man’s wound, ……….

but the bleeding would not stop.


Here are the solutions for Working With The Text-

Q1) Why was the king advised to go to magicians?

Some intelligent men thought that to decide the right time to do something, someone should look into the future and only the magicians were able to do so. Therefore, he advised the king to go to the magician.

Q2) In answer to the second question, whose advice did the people say would be important to the king?

In response to the second question, some intelligent men believed that the king should have some councilors to advise him, some others said that priests, some other intelligent men said that the advice of doctors was the most important and Nevertheless, others believed that soldiers were the most important.

Q3) What suggestions were made in answer to the third question?

In response to the third question, that is, “what is the most important thing to do”, some intelligent men replied that science was the most important thing, some others believed that fighting was the most important for a king to fight The matter was, and others said that religious worship was the most important thing.

Q4) Did the wise men win the reward? If not, why not?

No, no intelligent people won the reward. This is because they all came with different answers and the king was not satisfied with any answer.

Q5) How did the king and the hermit help the wounded man?

First, the king washed him and cleaned the wound. Then he covered the wound with his handkerchief. He continued to prepare the wound until the bleeding was completely closed. The king gave some water to the injured man to drink.

Q6) Who was the bearded man? Why did he ask for the king’s forgiveness?

The bearded man was the enemy of the king. He came there to take revenge on the king of his brother’s death and withdraw his property.
He apologized to the king because he came to kill the king and the king saved his life.

Q7) The king forgave the bearded man. What did he do to show his forgiveness?

The king forgives the bearded man. He apologized by offering to send a doctor and servant to take care of the injured man. He also promised to return his property.

Q8) What were the hermit’s answers to the three questions? Write each answer separately. Which answer do you like most, and why?

The hermit’s answers to the three questions were:
i. The right time to do something is “now” because it is the only time when we can act.
ii. The most important person is the person you are with at a particular moment, because we don’t know what will happen in the future.
iii. The most important thing to do is to do good to the person because we are here on the earth for that purpose alone.


Q)1 Match items in List A with their meanings in List B.

List AList B
woundedgot up from sleep
awokegive back
forgivesmall patches of ground for plants
faithfulseverely injured
returnfeel sorry for


List AList B
woundedseverely injured
awokegot up from sleep
pityfeel sorry for
bedssmall patches of ground for plants
returngive back

Q)2 Each of the following sentences has two blanks. Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the word given in brackets

  1. The  ………………. said that only fresh evidence would make him change his  ………………. (judge)
  2. I didn’t notice any serious of  ……………….  opinion among the debaters, although they ……………….  from one another over small points.(differ)
  3. It’s fairly simple question to ……………….  but will accept my  ………………. as final? (answer)
  4. It isn’t ……………….  that  ………………. should always be the mother of invention. (necessary)
  5. Hermits are ……………….  men. How they acquire their  ………………. no one can tell. (wise)
  6. The committee has ……………….  to make
    Jagdish captain of the team. The  ………………. is likely to please everyone. (decide)
  7. Asking for ………………. . is as noble as willingness to  ………………. (forgive)


  1. judge, judgement
  2. difference, differed
  3. answer, answer
  4. necessary, necessity
  5. wise, wisdom
  6. has decided, decision
  7. forgiveness, forgive
Q1) Imagine you are the king. Narrate the incident of your meeting with the hermit. Begin like this: The wise men answered my questions, but I was not satisfied with their answers. One day I decided to go and meet the hermit….

Wise men answered my questions, but I was not satisfied with their answers. One day I decided to go and decided to meet the hermit which was famous for his intellect. I went to him and saw him digging the earth. I asked him if he could answer the three questions that I had asked for answers. But he continued to dig the earth and did not respond at all. I felt that he was tired so I offered to help him dig. He handed me the hoe. I kept digging for a while. Then I repeated my questions and asked if he would answer them. Nevertheless, there was no response from his side. Then he pointed to an injured man and approached us.

Q2) Imagine you are the hermit. Write briefly the incident of your meeting the king. Begin like this: One day I was digging in my garden. A man in ordinary clothes came to see me. I knew he was the king…

One day I was digging in my garden. A man came to see me in ordinary clothes. I knew he was a king but remained calm. He told me that he asked for answers to three questions and wanted me to answer those people. I politely greeted him and then continued to dig the earth. I was constantly digging and feeling tired. Seeing this, the king offered me help. I accepted and handed him the hoe. He started digging and after some time, he again asked me the same three questions. I still chose not to answer and offered help to him if he got tired. He refused and continued digging.

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